Making Plans

by Laura
(Somewhere Manitoba, Canada (Where the World is Still Flat))


I`m planning for next summer right now. I have this idea about turning my back yard and patio into a more theatrical and mysterious place.

I was watching television and I just happened to see a report about Tim Burton (the director of Nightmare before Christmas) and it got me really thinking. What would Tim Burton`s patio look like?

Now my head is full of images of mysterious lights looming in tress. Bird nests hatching glowing orbs and giant rolling orbs (my neighbors ). No skeletons or tomb stones, in case you wondered.

I think this will take more than a one summer to complete and I am still just planning it now. Of course, my neighbors are real conservative who were scandalized when I lit the driveway with solar lights in the first place!

Wish me luck.

P.S., I like the site. There could be a few more images though.

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