Solar deck lights are composed of an LED light sources photo voltaic cells ( PV Cells ) and a rechargeable battery contained inside a durable stainless steel weather-resistant housing and turn on and off automatically.

Variety is assured when you are selecting these lights. So, whether you would like very elegant discreet technological appearance of a light that appears to be nothing more than a dark circle in the floor, you will find it.

Solar Deck Light Solar Deck Light

Solar-Deck-Lights incorporating LED technology are a rugged, energy efficient and wireless solution for illuminating outdoor recreation areas and pathways.

Cylindrical Deck Light Cylindrical Deck Light

On the other hand you may wish to distinguish yourself the neighbourhood pack and choose units with more characteristic, even futuristic shapes …that‘s where I live!…

For Solar-Deck-Lights... No matter how you like your technology, discreetly or overtly packaged, you will find it.

…Common solar deck light types are solar, (12 Volts), low-voltage and standard voltage (120 Volts)…

Consider shattering the Solar-Deck-Lights concept with Light Cubes or the mysterious spectacle of Light Spheres.

Brilliant Minds Don't Think Alike!

Does your Deck Lighting have to look just like your neighbours? Is resistance really Futile?

It only takes one person to spark a creative illumination movement in a neighbourhood. You're probably a back-yard genius and don't even know it!

What's your solution?

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Hey, I`m planning for next summer right now. I have this idea about turning my back yard and patio into a more theatrical and mysterious place. …

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Now, here's something that I had been looking for! A deck light which looks unique, stylish and modern.

Note the solar panels embedded integrated into the three visible fases of the unit.

A typical round solar deck light. This unit is designed to be nearly flush with the deck surface. You can see the solar panels mounted on the upper surface.

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