Just as you guessed, Up-Lighting refers to a technique of lighting an object from below.

Though a little un-natural…

EXAMPLE: Up-lighting EXAMPLE: Up-lighting

...and when is the last time you saw light reflecting upwards in nature… To acheive this effect, you may choose to ues either L.E.D. or conventional lighting devices.

That's right, L.E.D. lighting manufacturers now offer powerful lighting devices with all the raw illumination thanks to new, brighter L.E.D. bulbs.

Now, all you need do is use your imagination to create dramatic spectacles to flood with light or to isolate with light.

For Up-Lighting, a typical solar lighting device would be the solar-powered spotlight with its simple design, its tiltable head and, of course, a solar panel integrated right into the design.

I think that one thing we all realize is that best placement for lights and best placement for solar panels sometimes do not coincide.

Manufacturers have anticipated this need and have created solar lights with detachable solar panels. The benefit of this is that you may place your light for best nighttime illumination while the solar panel remains well placed for daytime charging.

It is a great special effect suitable for statues fountains, long hedges, a columns of trees an archway or a build façade.

If you are considering this technique, then also have a look at Shadowing, Mirror-lighting and Silhouetting which are all useful applications of Up-Lighting.

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