LED Christmas Lights LED Christmas Lights

Solar-Christmas-Lights are yet another match made in heaven for anyone who has ever climbed a tree or a rooftop to string up lights.

Though relatively new, Solar-Christmas-Lights are justifiably catching on with great enthusiasm.

This innovation, which makes use of LED technology, is available in a variety of colours and available as round lights or as the more traditional flame-shaped lights. Typical colours are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Typical units come with replaceable batteries and include an automatic ON/OFF switch.

Your set will include the light controller board with solar cells, rechargeable storage batteries either Ni-MH or Ni-Cd and a string of lights and the usual 1-year warranty.

…only replace with the recommended batteries...

LED Christmas Lights LED Christmas Lights

The light controller contains four solar panels which are enough to fully charge the lights during one sunny day. If they are not fully charged however, there is no risk of damage. The lights will operate for a shorter period of time.

In areas where daylight illumination is dramatically reduced, set the lights to their OFF position and charge for a day or two or until fully charged. This is a great way to get peak performance. Then simply install and enjoy.

If the lights seem to be operating less efficiently, switch them off and allow the battery to charge for several days (3 to 5).

This will get maximum performance from your lights.

  • Avoid placing Solar-Christmas-Lights in shadowy daylight locations.
  • Avoid placing your lights in areas where artificial light will inhibit operation of your Solar Christmas Lights.

  • The benefits
  • LED lights use far less power to operate
  • Not need to be on the grid
  • Cooler operating temperature
  • You may use multiple strings of lights without a fear of power overload.
  • LED lights are more durable than incandescent bulbs.
  • LONG life. Up to 20,000 hours on a string of bulbs.

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    Solar Christmas Lights are great, but watch out for recalls. In Canada there‘s a recall underway. Let us know what‘s happening near you!

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    Though relatively new, Solar-Christmas-Lights are justifiably catching on with great enthusiasm. CLICK the image above for more information.