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A Solar Battery charger does just what the name says it does. Solar-Battery-Chargers charge the batteries for all your electric al and electronic devices.

That was obvious, I know, but did you know that these solar panels were so portable that you could even carry one in your coat pocket or attached to your back pack or even built into your clothing!

...I know!…it’s nuts! Isn’t it!!…but it‘s true!…

O.K., so I’m not James Bond, but solar technology lets me pretend. Having a Solar-Battery-Charger has been one of the greatest tools in my kit.

I have to admit, though, I am a bit of a Boy Scout when it comes to these gadgets… you know, "be prepared!"…and I love being able to charge the batteries for anything from my mobile phone to my laptop or from an iPod to a camera.

It’s technology that might save your life some day and that is priceless.

Solar Battery Charger Solar Battery Charger

There are lots of choices for design whether you like the look of chunky TECH or you like MAC minimalism so choose a style that suites you and be stylish or not.

Carry them in a backpack, a glove compartment or your coat pocket and be prepared.
Keep in mind that the larger the panel, the more power it will supply.

If you’re a pilot or a sailor, keep that backup comm /nav radio charged and ready to go 365 days a year?

…Go ahead, soak up that free energy before they make us pay for it…

Need More Power?
For greater power output, panels are consolidated into a larger panel and we can find Solar-Battery-Charger panels integrated into the roofs of boats or RV’s where the need for power is great.

In this case, you may also need an inverter to convert DC current to AC current for you electrical appliances.

Go ahead, soak up that free energy out there before someone figures out how to make us pay for it.

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Solar Battery Charger. Do you use them? What do use them for?

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Single PV cells (also known as "solar cells") are connected electrically to form PV modules, which are the building blocks of PV systems.

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