Pump Up the Glam-Factor

Inflate by Bubble Inflate by Bubble

…and then there was the Inflatable-Bar! "The what?!", you ask. "The Inflatable-Bar" , I repeat.

This air-supported, internally illuminated display is a design concept available through, among others, the Miami-based company Bubble and Dubai’s Desert River.

While the Inflate is not the only Bar of its kind available on the market, we’ll use it as the representative for the concept for the sake of efficiency here.

Patapoof bar by Desert River Patapoof by Desert River

Between the two, nothing else we’ve seen so far even comes close to Inflate or Patapoof for their colour, style, flexibility and portability; they’re light weight and can be carted away and quite easily. Besides it will be hard to forget the party with the glowy Jello-O bar!

Blue double Length bar by Bubble Blue Double Length Bar by Bubble

How else to describe Inflate? Maybe, like this... a soft architecture moulded in Jell-O or giant tufted marshmallows, or …or…, I know… dollops of whip cream set beautifully aglow by internal LED lights.

Functionally, they stand at proper height for drink service and display or self-service from a built-in acrylic or if you prefer, plexi-glass platform rugged enough for your drinks, ice and glasses.

Keep those Party Pirates at bay though because there’s no body surfing across these bars!

Inflate Buffet in detail Inflate Buffet in detail

Psst!, I have a secret to share with you. These illuminated, Inflatable-Bar do not entirely conform to the concept of solar powered garden lights, but they are a must-see item and so hard to overlook not to mention that Glam-Factor!

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