Portable-Solar-Panels are an excellent choice for the traveller, adventurer or for anyone who likes to be prepared.

Of course one the greatest qualities of these units are their transportability and you will find units small enough to tuck away in a back pack, a glove compartment or a coat pocket.

...you can build them yourself...

Portable panels may be flat and rigid or flexible to suit your needs. Position them in direct Sun for best possible results.

Portable Solar Panel Portable Solar Panel

They are practically ready to use straight out of the box, but

in some cases you may have to perform some assembly.

Now you have portable, renewable power when you want it and an on-the-go backup generator when you need it!

Simply follow the instructions and you will be ready to go in moments.

Build Them Yourself

Good news, the panels can be found in various sizes and power output capabilities to power an RV, or boat or recharge batteries, power a radio, surveillance system, laptop or your iPod.

But the better news is that you can build Portable-Solar-Panels yourself for considerably less cost and a little inspiration. Dean Richards offering, "A beginners Guide to Solar Panels" is a guide to making solar a do-it-yourself reality and we, S|P|G|L.net, will cover more on this topic in future versions of this page.

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