A unique and truly brilliant idea, Solar-Landscape-Lights are known by various names such as solar stones, solar light rock, solar synergy, hyper solar something or other and so on, bla, bla,bla…!

image placeholder "Solar Rock"

What else can you say about Solar-Landscape-Lights? An ordinary, by-day, rock or paving stone which is water proof and automatically gives off brilliant illumination by night without the necessity of electrical wiring?

Well… this is embarrassing… there are few things to be said and here are a few of those.

Solar-Landscape-Lights can be divided into two useful categories. One product is cleverly disguised …as I just mentioned…as stone with solar panel and storage battery fully integrated into the "Solar Stone". This means you can pick it up and move it to anywhere you wish.

OLUCE 3 Stone Lamp Laudani & Romanelli's OLUCE-3 Stone Lamp

The second type actually integrated LED lighting into housing to act as a solar paving stone for pathways and driveways.

These units are available in variety of appearances. Anything from an ice block look-alike, to glass block to classic masonry patterns can be found these days. I can’t wait to see what designers come up with next.

Choice seems to be the word for solar lights and choices abound for size as well as colour. Look for sizes in the 2.5" X 8", 4" X 4", 4" x 8" and beyond.

Look for blue, white, red and green (more available soon, surely ).
You are quite likely to find something that catches your fancy!

To compliment Solar-Landscape-lights, consider Deck Lights and also Patio Lights.

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Walkways, driveways and around pools, Solar Landscape Lights are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your needs.

Hiding in plain sight. If you prefer the minimalist approach to your home technology, then Solar Landscape Lights technology could be for you.

One of those ideas you probably had as a child but never realized, the Solar Umbrella is a thing to see. It just makes good sense.