Rope-Lights (12 Volt and Solar)

Rope-Lights also known as tube light or flexible impact light, are continuous light pipes composed of LED or incandescent light bulb.

Your best choice is the LED variety as they use less electricity and produce less heat than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

Rope-Lights can be used as decoration or accent lighting in interior design projects where ordinary lighting systems would be too hot, too large, too expensive or too difficult to install.

…they are available in both solar-powered and 12 Volt packages…

2-wire Rope-Lights contain 2 internal wires. A single circuit wire and a common wire. 2-wire lights are always on or always off and cannot be made to chase. They may be made to flash or fade by purchasing our optional controller. 

Rope-Light Rope Light

3-wire Rope-Lights have a built-in flash effect which is produced by alternating power between two different wires. The more wires, the better the chasing effect.

5-wire Rope-Lights use line voltage (house power) and are not available in a 12 volt package. Chase effects require the installation of a controller.

…You will need a Rope-Light-Controller if you want to produce lighting effects…

Just be sure to match the number of wires to the number of pins on your Controller and you are ready to go.

These lights are encased in flexible, waterproof PVC tubing and since you may be considering using this product out side, it is best to consider using a sealers and adhesives for water-tight joints and seals.

A little safety note here. Just because you can use your lights outside does not mean that you should ever immerse them in water!

Your product may begin to deteriorate. Waterproof enclosures for controllers and power sources, however, are available.

For mounting, they may be supplied with a variety of clips and fasteners for connection to vertical, horizontal

Be careful with your lights because if one light stops functioning then the entire row will stop functioning.

If you can identify the burned out bulb, you can cut that section out of the string and then splice in a new section.

You may have your lights custom cut lengths for small projects or purchase bulk spools for large projects.

Neon Rope Lights Neon Rope Lights

Your lights may be cut to shorter lengths by observing and cutting along the cut indicator lines. These are a kind of "cut here" mark printed or engraved at regular lengths along the light string.

Indicators may be represented as a pair of scissors or as simple as a dot.

For a do-it-yourself project with 12 volt rope lights, use maximum cut lengths of 20ft (610 cm) and terminate each run with an end cap.

These lights are ideal light sources for vaulted ceilings, bar displays, low-profile night lights, poster or picture frames in home theaters, the underside of railings, staircase nosing, holiday decorations and so many things that only you will think of.

A really cool thing (for some) is that you may join two or more different colours together on a single power source.

Have fun with these lights and if you come up with an interesting lighting scheme let us know about it and we we’ll post it!

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