Solar Spot Light and Panel Solar Spotlight and Panel

A Solar-Spotlight

uses LED or halogen (incandescent) bulbs to focus an intense beam of light on trees, statues and entryways to emphasize their beauty and detail. These same lights can offer a sense of safety and security.

Whether to choose an LED or an incandescent light fixture is really an aesthetic choice not an actual problem.

A greater concern though would be colour temperature or put another way, the amount of red or blue tint present in the light source.

Colour temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin, not Fahrenheit or Celsius

Example, you may accidentally mix lights with high colour temperature (more blue), say 5000 degrees Kelvin with lights of low colour temperature light (more red) at 3000 degrees Kelvin.

Viewed individually, you might not really see the difference, but the difference will be noticeable in a side by side comparison in the shop and very noticeable in the garden.

It’s a sad shame that some manufacturers do not post the colour temperature on their packaging, choosing instead less accurate although poetic expressions such as warm white and cool white and natural white (whatever that really means).

Look for lights in the 3500 to 4000 Kelvin range and visit the section on colour temperature for even more information.

World's Smallest Spotlight World's Smallest Spotlight

Also, if you think that you would prefer LED lights, keep an eye out for light fixtures with several LED bulbs rather than just one

…more light bulbs mean a brighter light fixture!

Consider though the power and versatility of a single LED spot light.

At one time I used to suggest that the only way to have bright illumination was to find lighting instruments with several led bulbs rather than those with only one bulb.

Well, thanks to ever advancing technology we are now able to find very single-LED devices which produce very bright light.

As our representative example, we'll use the, so called, "Smallest Spotlight in the World". A single LED device with integrated solar panel and a sleek desgn and pictured here on the page.

Reducing the number of bulbs can mean a much reduced size, maybe even a more elegant, low profile design.

Imagine a single bulb projecting a beam of light 12 feet. How will you use such a device?

From the most general to the most specific; illuminate your exterior architecture, gateways and entry points, create dramatic shadows or grazing lighting effects or wash a single flower with light.

Expect your Solar-Spotlight kit to be easy to assemble.

A typical package will contain an all-in-one unit in which case solar panel, light fixture and battery is contained in a single housing.

Also available is a two-piece unit. In this case light fixture and solar panel are separate components connected by a power cable.

Separate units allow you to place the panel in most direct sunlight while the light fixture can be placed in a location for best illumination.

Look for good quality construction in your Solar-Spotlight, a metal housing and powerful illumination and at least a six foot spot and if possible a twenty foot beam.

A twist on the Solar-Spotlight, Solar-Landscape-Lights can be hidden in plain sight nad might be just what you are looking for.

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LED powered lights also fill a secuirty role. this is an especially good idea for locations where you will have limited access or that you do not expect to visit very often.