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Solar-Lanterns Solar-Lantern

Solar-Lanterns come in many guises and you might easily think of one type of solar lantern and overlook or be oblivious to the others.

Essentially, these devices fall into two categories: Decorative and Utility.

Now, when you look at the decorative variety, you will probably find them to be quite colourful, bright and a little on the disposable side as you might expect of a device made of fabric or paper.

I hope that you don't me throwing my opinion in here?... It seems that though there are quite a few styles and shapes on the market, they really seem more like variations on just a few themes. Not a bad thing, just an observation...and once again, just my opinion.

Construction is straight-forward with bamboo, plastic or even metal to form the characteristic shape. Expect a a paper, fabric in a variety of colours and patterns.

Solar-Lanterns Solar-Lanterns made of plastic

You will also find decorative lanterns made entirely of self-supporting plastic and synthetic materials. These require only a modest support structure for internal components and display.

Let's talk a little about the business end of these lanterns.

While they may not all be alike in construction, we can at least expect to see a few typical details.

Inside you will likely find an elegant combination of solar panel, rechargeable battery, L.E.D. light source and some method of suspension for over-head display.

Solar-Lanterns Solar-Lanterns

In the Utility category, Solar-Lanterns have become the handy any-time solution for the garden, the patio the camping ground and anywhere else you need bright on-the-spot illumination.

Your lantern will likely be composed of an LED light source, a solar battery, a light sensor and a weatherproof housing available in materials as varied as water-proof fabric to conventional materials in a variety of styles to match your personal taste.


These lights may be designed to be hung from trees, staked into the ground, carried in hand or set on a surface.

If you would prefer to have a device with a separate solar panel, (I don't know why...but you might), keep your eyes open for solar-powered lanterns packaged with an accessory solar panel for recharging the lantern. Other usefull functions include brightness control and even flashing effects.

Typically, you will notice that these devices contain multiple L.E.D. bulbs. One unit we encountered contained 9 L.E.D. bulbs!

You can even replace some of your natural candle lit fixtures with Flameless-candles, L.E.D.-lit imitation candles with natural-looking flame effects and cast in real wax and powered by rechargeable batteries.

Whether you choose solar-powered lanterns for their practicality, their beauty or for their energy efficiency you have made the right choice for the right reasons.

When considering the decorative and utility category of these products, you might consider complimenting your Solar-Lanterns with Light-Cubes or with a Solar-Flashlight or two.

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