Down-Lighting means lighting objects or areas from above.

This technique can act as your main light source providing light for circulation, a little bit of security and general "seeing". However you will better accomplish this using Area lighting techniques.

Down Light Down Light

Your down-lighting setup may consist of either a single large flood light or several smaller sources to focus on a particular part of the landscape and/or provide general illumination, security or entertainment.

The light source(s) may be mounted high in a tree and diffused or filtered.

The goal is to imitate natural daylight, such as a ray of light or a moonlit shining down through the trees.

Your garden is your stage and this could be your first lighting step.

There are now a variety of solar powered LED spot lights to begin your project so have a look at the section on Solar Spotlights if it interests you.

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here is an example of an LED reflector spot light. Notice the large cluster of LEDs inside the housing. some gardeners will prefer to operate thier downlights on house power rather than solar battery power alone.

Now, with the yearly improvements in technology, house power may not be necessary, but I would being dishonest to not rasie the concern.

Yet another practical combination; LED lights, a solar panel and a motion sensor form a useful security device.