Desk Top Grow Light Desk Top Grow Light

Whether it's winter you need to defeat or a particular Green-Thunb-Assassin in your life, a Grow Light is your Kryptonite. A Glow-Light is an excellent solution if you require greater control over your growing environment.

How does it do that? Well, a Grow Light simulates or even supplements sunlight by producing wavelengths of light which stimulate photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that a plant uses to extract energy from sunlight.

What you will see, typically, is the light source mounted above the plants which themselves sit atop a platform or base. A grow Light may house several LED lamps, fluorescent lamps or high intensity discharge lamps. Replacement lamps are available for convenience and peace of mind.

The name, Grow Light, can be misleading as the name may suggest to you a single light source when, in fact, depending on the size you choose, a Grow-Light may contain one or several lamps to provide maximum light coverage.

32 Watt Grow Light 32 Watt Grow Light

Grow Light units are available in house-friendly sizes from single-plant, table-top size to multi-plant, kitchen counter and cabinets size but if you are want to get serious about your growing, there are other systems to meet your needs. Systems, which may be mounetd together, form a network of lights and can illuminate an entire room or an entire building full of plants.

Defeating winter, dark seasons, dark regions and the cold become a simpler task with the right tools at your dispossal and this is where you will finally start thing about environmental control.

In other words, this is a great stepping-off point for your plant nursery and indoor gardening plans. Especially if you have limited space or severe weather throughout the year or have an office with little sunlight.

As well, a Grow Light, some seeds and a little time can be a great learning tool for anyone with an interest in science and nature. However you use this technology; to extend daylight growing hours, to increase productivity or to save a plant from the ten-fingered plant killer we all know, a Grow-Light is a great start.

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