Like solar lamps and solar lanterns, Solar-Flashlights require only that you choose a style, a colour and store in a sunlit spot when not in use.

Choose, Charge and Go!

Your flashlight will usually include LED lights, a rechargeable battery and solar cells integrated into the body of the unit.

Solar-Flashlight Solar-Flashlight

Keep an eye open for solar powered keychain flashlights. These are worthwhile if you have ever tried finding a key hole in the dark. You can also find flashlights with a bicycle head light adaptor.

Right now, as I look at the selection of solar powered flashlights, the only thing to be concerned about is the quality of the flashlight housing. Is it tough enough for your purposes? Is it comfortable to carry?

One daytime charge will usually produce several hours of light. Some solar -flashlights are equipped with a flashing function which could be ideal in an emergency situation where attracting attention may save your life.

Over time, your only real concern may be replacing the rechargeable battery. Be sure to use only the recommended type of battery to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Keep some of these lights handy and they will pay back far more than they cost.

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