Solar-Lighting Q & A

Where do You buy what you buy?

Here’s a thought that wanted to share with you. It is not unusual to find that products we purchase are not made locally.

After all there was a time when the Made in Japan or Made in the USA labels were quite common even status symbols.

These days may things are likely to made in China and that’s just progress. Be sure that the Made in India label is not far behind.

Buying locally though has come to be a life and death proposition for many local produces even in china itself.

Having lived there for a time I observe a kind of evolve quickly or die a quick death phenomenon. Competition is fierce everywhere it seems.

A funny thing is happening to me at the keyboard

I like to buy locally when ever I can, but since I shop online more and more, I have been noticing a new shopping habit.

My ‘local’ has gone global! on any given day, I might be shopping in both "your" as well as my back yard!

Without a second thought I will purchase from manufacturers in Australia, the UK, Canada, the United States, Germany, or from any small producer manufacturing great products.

So am I ‘circling the wagons’? Being protection in other words or am I being a global consumer?

My intension is not Anti-anyone, but still, it can be interpreted that way? What do you think?

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USE IT or LOSE IT? For solar garden lights is“buying local” important to you?

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USE IT or LOSE IT? For solar garden lights is"buying local" important to you?

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