Net-Light Net-Light

If you’ve ever had to string a set of lights around a bush, a shrub or even a tree in the heat of summer or the teeth of winter...

You’re really going to like this!

The Net light, a product as simple as it sounds, are a lattice of tiny LED light bulbs and available in standard sizes such as 4’ x 8’ (122 x 244 cm)
and larger or for wrapping tree trunks,
6" x 15’ (15.2 x 457.2 cm) and larger.

Net lights operate on house voltage (example;120 Volts) or low voltage (example; 12 Volts).

This design is going to make lighting really easy for you this year. This lattice organization makes it very easy to illuminate large areas and wrap objects with a minimum sweat, frustration and spicy language.

You can choose between static lighting effects; that just means that your lights are either ON all the time or OFF all the time; or chasing colour effects.

You may also choose lights with colour-changing and even flashing effects. Maybe you would like to have your Net Lights multicoloured? You can! Or, you may prefer your lighting system to be unflavoured, just the natural glow of un-coloured, unblinking lights? You can have that too!

Some manufacturers will offer their products with colour options for wiring. To be clear, this is a reference to the plastic covering, not the metal wires themselves.

For example, you may select lighting devices with green wire to blend in with natural surroundings or white wire, perhaps to blend in with snow and some painted surfaces or the "very chic" clear wire.
Meaning that the electrical wiring remains visible through a clear plastic covering…very Mac, you might say.

Like LED Rope Lights, Net-Lights with chasing effects will require a Controller while Net Lights without chasing effects do not require a controller.

So the question we are all sure to ask is where can I us these lights? The answer? Any way that you can imagine.

Wrap your trees, trunk and limbs and let them glow year-round. Link Net-Light sheets together to form an illuminated overhead canopy or one AWESOME volleyball net.

…the nuttiest thing I want to do with a Net-Light is to wrap some outdoor seating!.

The seating should be wrapped tight enough so that the original silhouette of the furniture piece remains obvious.

I think the effect will be somewhere between the glitzy-glammy cocktail party and a cheezy music video! The weight of seated guests shouldn’t be an issue as the lights are not usually so delicate that they can't take a modest amount of weight.

Chances are that I will be developing the site throughout the summer and it may not get done…if You try this …share some photos.

The Net-Light is somewhat similar to Solar-Christmas-Lights and might be worth a look if you need some fun lighting solutions. As well, Rope-Lights might also be a complimentary choice!

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