So here we are. We've come to Flameless-Candles. What if you turned all the lights out? No spot-lights, no-flood-lights and no light-cubes...and definitely no LED-stage-lights! What alternatives would you have? Candles of course. There are times when the warm glow of a candle is the only light that will do.

Typical Flameless Candle

Light when you want it. Soothing and therapeutic when you need it. How many times have we caught ourselves in a million-mile gaze into a dancing candle flame? An open flame can be an object of conversation and contemplation for obvious reasons but also source of fear and anxiety for equally obvious reasons and as we become ever-more concerned about safety, we can take extra steps to eliminate the worry and take advantage of a little discreet technology.

Large LED Candle Large LED Candle

Flameless-Candles are actually LED lighting devices embedded in real candle wax with natural-looking colour and flicker-effects. Some devices have built-in timers for scheduling automatic ON/OFF times or setting automatic performance time limits as well as a standard ON/OFF switch.

Not to be over-looked are the Flameless-Candles housed in decorative urns, charming little candle holders or mounted high on handsome candle stands. They make phenomenal and some are even worthy of conversation-piece status! Have a browse-around, you'll see what I mean.

In operation, these lights are indistinguishable from the "real"thing, even from a short distance! Sizes range from small tea-light models more than 12 inches tall.

"Are there advantages?", I hear you asking...let's outline the advantages this way... No flame means less heat (because LED lights do produce some heat). No melted wax. No fear of damaged furniture or singed pets! Knock them over? Just prop them up again. Leave them on? They'll switch off on their own, if you programmed them to.

Decorative Flameless Candle Flameless Candles in decorative urns

One thing I’ve learned in all of this is not to expect that similar products will have identical features and this is the same for Flameless-Candles. However, here are some good features to look out for.

In no particular order, lets look at brightness control, colour control and aroma therapy. Brightness control is self explanatory really, but for the sake of clarity, this feature allows one to brighten or dim your device to suite your needs or mood.

Flameless-Candles with colour control allow you to adjust the colour temperature i.e., redness or blueness of the light; see Colour Temperature for more on this. Aroma therapy? A Flameless-Candle offering aroma therapy will typically come equipped with an LED-powered candle, rechargeable batteries, an AC adaptor to heat a scented oil and the scented oil itself.

Decorative Flameless Candle Flameless Candles for aroma therapy

Having to use the AC adaptor means that you will have to plug into an outlet if you want to enjoy the aroma therapy function. I regret to say that , till now , I have yet to find a manufacturer offering a battery-operated alternative. I'll let you know if I find one, but you can let me know...if you find it first!!

On those pleasant summer nights; those precious moments in time with family and friends, create a relaxing or romantic environment in the garden, on the patio or deck. Around a pool, in the living room, in the bedroom or bath.

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