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A Holiday Reminder and Product Advisory

A recall of LED Christmas lights in Canada is a reminder that we all have to be careful with holiday lights and their potential for damage and heartache.

INSPECT YOUR LIGHTS BEFORE YOU USE THEM! That warning can’t be over-stated but I’ll try!

Whether your lights are brand new and especially if they‘re not…

Keep a look out for recalls in your area…and keep those receipts handy for a little while…just in case.


On November 25, 2010 Home Depot of Canada issued a nationwide product recall concerning all 2010 Holiday LED light strings by Home Accents Holiday & Martha Stewart Living.

The issue:

The wiring may be exposed on some units and that poses a fire and electric shock risk. The products in question were sold in the Eastern province of Ontario.

Judging from the press release, this all seems to be based on one reported incident and Home Depot points out that this recall does not affect other holiday products sold under the Home Accents or Martha Stewart brands.

If you think that you purchased this product and if you still have the packaging (a good idea for storage) just look for the following product codes on the box…and…INSPECT YOUR LIGHTS BEFORE YOU USE THEM!


All Home Accent Holiday LEDString Lights:
1000673901, 1000673855, 1000673903, 1000673904, 1000673870, 1000673892, 1000673721, 1000673878, 1000673723, 1000673715, 1000674121, 1000673720, 1000673719, 1000674120, 1000673908, 1000673713, 1000673722, 1000673863, 1000673880, 1000674122, 1000673902, 1000673718, 1000674123,1000673887

All Martha Stewart Holiday LED String Lights:
1000673909, 1000673753, 1000673717, 1000673724, 1000673735, 1000673843, 1000673847, 1000673725, 1000673849, 1000673748, 1000673906, 1000673889, 1000673852, 1000673875, 1000673885.

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